AI US  Sector Rotation Strategy [Pre-trade strategy]








The Matroid Evolved AI US Sector Rotation Strategy takes sector rotation to the next level, using a data-driven approach that captures the undervalued sector with the highest relative value and momentum at any given point in time, Using value and momentum investing principles to determine which sector to invest in.


US equity market momentum is always driven by one particular sector. We found some important, robust, and explainable financial features to capture different growing sectors at different times. Despite some may worry there is sector risk, the result is that this sector rotation strategy successfully outperforms S&P500.



How to invest in the AI US Sector Rotation Strategy?




 Connect Your Interactive Brokers(IB) Account to Our IB Advisor Account


Minimum Investment: 20,000 USD

Fee Structure: ONLY 20% Performance Fee. 0% Management Fee


*Only For IBHK Clients

*The Performance Fee% will be changed irregularly


Interested parties please contact us.




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